iLube Bevel Saw

US26660 iLube Bevel Saw - iLUBE Saw with 16 Flute PVC Beveller and 12" Tiger Tooth Blade
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iLube Bevel Saw Assembly

This saw does not require a gas/oil mixture.

Includes: iLube Saw, 16 Flute PVC Beveller, and 12" Tiger Tooth All Purpose Blade

Model 881-14
Maximum Blade Size 12"/14"
Spindle Diameter 20 mm or 1 inch
Maximum Spindle Speed 4,450 RPM
Weight 22.5 lbs
Maximum Power 5.4 HP (4.0 kW)
Maximum Cutting Depth 4" (12" Blade) / 5" (14" Blade)
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