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BRASS (Non-Sparking) BO BOP - 1 Magnet - 25 lbs

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BRASS (Non-Sparking) BO BOP - 1 Magnet - 25 lbs

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Brass, Non-Sparking Bo Bop - Single Magnet Valve Cover Remover

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Bo Bop (1 Magnet Break 'N Take) EASY TO OPERATE Step 1: If needed, strike the center of the water or valve box lid with the metal plug end of the Bo Bop Step 2: Place magnet on center of water or valve box lid Step 3: Pick unit straight up Step 4: Replace lid Step 5: Twist and push unit forward to release from lid SPECIFICATIONS Hammer: Brass, Non-Sparking Lifting Capacity: 25 lbs Magnets Used: (1) 3.5" x 2" Aluminum Chassis: Emergency Orange Base "Shell Guard": 4"x2" Unit Height: 34"

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