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  1. The Trick to Cutting Concrete is Choosing the Right Saw

    When it comes to concrete construction jobs, choosing the right concrete cutting saw is key to getting the job done right. Whether that job calls f

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  2. Choosing the Right Concrete Floor Grinder

    This blog is your go-to resource to help you choose the best concrete floor grinder for every job. 


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  3. Pipe Beveling Tool Selection

    Beveling cut ends of water main pipe after an in-field cut is required to reduce the chances of damaging Bell end gaskets

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  4. Underground Cutting Made Easy and Safer

    For over 30 years, U.S.SAWS has been an innovator of pipe cutting chainsaws and water line maintenance. We offer advantages of modified grindi

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  5. Picking the right magnetic manhole lifter saves time & the r

    Removing manholes can be harder than you think. Not only are these lids heavy, they often do not have adequate pick holes or lifting holes.

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  6. Truck-mounted Valve Exerciser vs. Hand-held Valve Exerciser

    U.S.Saws have developed a battery-powered, lightweight version that offers the operators weight to absorb the torque reaction of the handheld

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  7. U.S.SAWS: Coast-To-Coast Experts in Specialty Tools

    US Saws holds a unique position in North America’s concrete cutting and grinding industry. It is a medium-sized company focusing on customized ma

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