7″ Hitachi Deluxe Grinder-Vac Kit w/Convertible Shroud


SX60165 7" Hitachi Deluxe GV Kit w/Convertible Shroud (For PDL-180A, CC12Y, C23SC2, G18SE2 & G18SS)

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Fits Hitachi models CC12Y, PDL180A, G23SC2, G18SE2 & GS18SS.

The kit includes a convertible dust shroud, mounting hardware & adapter nuts (two sets: one for mounting diamond cup wheels and one for Zec Abrasive disks).

The convertible dust shroud allows for grinding close to walls with the shroud in the up position along with open area grinding with the shroud hood down.

Shroud kits are an easy way to upgrade your existing tools and control dust.

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Weight 7 lbs


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