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Magnetic Valve Box Lid Lifter | BO BOP


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Part Number: US30298
U.S.SAWS Bo Bop - Magnetic Valve Box Lifter is designed to be a safer way to lift water valve covers or metal electrical box covers. The powerful magnet and ergonomic handle, allows the user to lift and remove covers without bending over or getting down on their knees.  Back, knee and finger injuries can be greatly reduced when this tool is utilized.

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Bo Bop – Magnetic Valve Box Lid Lifter

Part Number: US30298

U.S.SAWS 1 Magnet Bo Bop – Magnetic Valve Box Lifter is designed to lift small water valve covers or metal electrical box covers. The magnetic lifter allows the user to stop having to bend over to lift and remove covers.

Reduce finger and toe injuries with this lightweight deep reach magnetic valve box lifter. The magnetic field penetrates textured surfaces of lids and allows the operator to lift the casting out of the way ergonomically. This Magnetic Lifter is designed to give the user a safe and efficient way to remove covers quickly, safely, and easily.


Step 1: If needed, strike the center of the water or valve box lid with the solid metal end of the Bo Bop
Step 2: Place magnet on center of water or valve box lid
Step 3: Pick unit straight up
Step 4: Replace lid
Step 5: Twist and push unit forward to release from lid


Safe Lifting Capacity: 25 lbs.
Magnets Used: (1)
Aluminum Chassis: Emergency Orange
Base “Shell Guard”: 4″x2″
Unit Height: 34″



  • Weight:  3 lbs
  • Magnetically lifts valve boxes or electrical covers
  • 25 lb. safe lifting capacity
  • Solid handle for easy pick up
  • Safe and efficiently remove covers
  • Magnetic field penetrates texture surfaces allowing the operator to lift lid
  • Reduces finger and toe injuries

Bo Bop Spec Sheet


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