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7″ Grinder Package | 12 Segment Turbo Cup Wheel


Part Number: SX60007EP
This Grinder Package comes equipped with the Metabo W24-230 (15 AMP, 6,600 RPM) Grinder, U.S.SAWS G2 Polyurethane Clamp on Convertible Shroud, (1) 7″ 12 Segment Turbo Cup Wheel with Long Threaded Arbor

7″ Turbo Cup Wheel
7" Long Threaded Arbor 12 Segment Turbo Cup Wheel
Loop Handle
7" Loop Handle Assembly

7″ Grinder Package | 12 Segment Turbo Cup Wheel

Part Number: SX60007EP

The 7″ Metabo Grinder Package comes equipped with a Metabo W24-230 15 AMP, 6,600 RPM, U.S.SAWS G2 Hub Shroud and, (1) 7″ 12 segment turbo cup wheel.

The grinder is a German made Metabo Grinder W24-230 and provides plenty of power and durability for almost any grinding job.  The dust shroud is our famous Polyurethane Shroud we’ve been making for over 30 years, featuring the “convertible” flip up edge.  The cup wheel is our exclusive 12 segment Turbo with the long threaded hub to take the guesswork out of spacing and has special mix of premium 30/40 grit “angular” diamonds that make it effective on hard trowelled concrete with a curing compound.

This is a good grinder package for those who don’t want the added expense of the Loop Handle or sets of arbor nuts.

*Production rate varies depending on jobsite conditions and equipment (and the operator). Figures provided as guidelines and are not guarantees of performance.

  • Weight:  23 lbs
  • Hand-held concrete grinder units that are great for smaller jobs or in combination with walk-behind grinders on larger projects
  • Use on concrete for cleaning, leveling high spots or uneven floor surfaces, removing glues, mastic, epoxies and other coatings
  • May be connected to a variety of dust collection systems for dust containment
  • The units polyurethane dust shroud is long lasting and flip up to allow for edge work along walls
  • System includes Metabo 24-230 grinder, hub shroud, (1) 12 Segment Turbo Cup Wheel


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