Effective Pipe Cutting with the Belly Saw

Contractors need a diverse toolbox to cover the needs of a wide variety of jobs. Are you a contractor who often finds him or herself with a pipe in a tight spot with no clearance? If so, one unique tool to consider adding to your toolbox is the belly saw.  The Belly Saw is different than other types of pipe-cutting saws, and its numerous benefits make it a valuable asset. This saw does things other saws can’t, in conditions contractors with standard pipe cutting saws normally can’t access, all while making the process safer for the saw user.

What Is a Belly Saw?

Often times contractors find themselves dealing with a burst pipe that needs to be handled quickly.  This can be frustrating with standard saws because they require space and do not perform optimally in wet conditions with excessive dirt and debris.  The belly saw, however, is a tool that efficiently and effectively cuts pipes in wet conditions.  Pipe cutting requires precision and efficiency.  That’s where the belly saw shines.  Pipes in tight, hard to reach places are no longer a nightmare.  These saws are able to make fast work of a variety of pipes, from PVC, HDPE, ductile iron, and cast-iron pipes, and they excel in wet conditions.  They work with pipes ranging from 8” to 74” in diameter and only require about 7” of clearance.  By limiting the required clearance, the amount of time spent removing dirt and debris from the area surrounding the burst pipe is reduced, allowing for an efficiently managed job site.

What Are the Benefits of a Belly Saw?

Effectiveness in Imperfect Conditions

Contractors know that no two projects are ever exactly the same, and each comes with its own challenges. Typically, jobs that include burst pipes are in wet, subgrade locations and require a deep breath and a lot of patience.    Belly saws are the right choice for these substandard conditions.  While standard pipe cutting tools are perfect in dry, open spaces with plenty of clearance, belly saws excel at the other end of the spectrum.  Workers are well aware that perfect conditions with no unforeseen problems are an anomaly.  Clean, precise cuts are always a challenge when workers are wedged in a wet, tight space covered in dirt and debris.  Why try to cut a steak with a butter knife when you have access to a steak knife?  The same standard rings true for cutting pipes.  Use a standard saw for dry cuts in open spaces.  But when things get tough, tight, wet, and messy, the belly saw comes to the rescue and makes fast, precise work in those imperfect conditions.


Using a saw that makes precise cuts is a must in pipe-cutting.  Belly saws offered by U.S. SAWS utilize the Tiger Tooth blade, offering a superior cut.  Their belly saws are guided by four spring loaded wheels to optimize stability and precision.  Perhaps the best and most prized aspect of the belly saw is the strap.  The strap is used to attach the saw directly to the pipe.  Strapping the saw to the pipe allows the user to ensure accuracy and control.  U.S. SAWS belly saws have a throttle and a handle that provide stability for the user in order to allow cuts to be made accurately.  All of these features working together means the saw will be effective no matter what obstacles encountered.


U.S. SAWS’ belly saws are the perfect addition to a contractor’s toolbox and are the ideal solution for wet pipe projects up to 72 inches in diameter. They cut with precision in wet conditions and require only seven inches of clearance space, meaning it won’t become difficult to use under difficult conditions. Project locations aren’t always predictable, and what looks like a simple job can change quickly. With a U.S. SAWS belly saw on hand, you’re prepared to handle all types of situations in a precise and efficient manner. It’s truly a versatile tool for use with a wide array of projects and will quickly become your favorite for projects that require precise pipe cutting in wet conditions.


Another aspect of the belly saw that makes it a leader among contractors and municipal workers is its portability.  Tight, wet conditions can be a problem on a worksite, and burst pipes often do not occur in convenient locations with electrical outlets.  Save the generators and the gas they use and invest in a cordless belly saw.  Belly saws can be air powered or operate with hydraulics.  This makes them the optimal saw for diverse locations.

Safety and Security

As with any tool, safety is paramount, and the U.S. SAWS Belly Saws shine in that department. U.S. SAWS’ belly saws offer a safe alternative to the use of standard pipe cutting saws.  Other types of saws may produce a work environment that is both difficult and dangerous for the worker.  However, with the belly saw’s ease of operation, workers can breathe a sigh of relief as the features of the belly saw have been developed with their safety in mind.  Strapping the saw in place, directly onto the pipe, eliminates kickback, protecting the user from severe injury.  The belly saws also have a clamshell design.  This design provides a guard that covers the saw blades which also protects the user from coming in direct contact with the saw blades.  Further, the belly saw’s air or hydraulic powered design means that workers won’t be exposed to harmful exhaust, and in tight spaces that benefit becomes a safety necessity. Features like small clearance and no harmful exhaust create a safer environment for everyone involved, and extra protection from the blades makes the belly saw a safe choice.


  1. When should a belly saw be used? Belly saws are the perfect choice for tight, wet locations that may not be near a convenient source of electricity.  They make precision cuts in difficult spaces in an efficient manner.
  2. Why can’t I just use a regular saw for wet cutting pipes? Cutting pipes at wet job sites can be dangerous.  Saws slip, and when that happens injury is likely.  Belly saws attach via trap to the pipe itself, allowing for precise cuts while minimizing the risk to its users.
  3. Why are standard saws a bad idea for tight spaces? Many times pipe cutting is needed for situations that require swift action.  When trying to use a standard pipe cutting saw in a tight space, excessive time may be spent clearing out dirt and debris in order to operate a standard saw.  This takes up valuable time causing conditions to worsen.  Using a belly saw eliminates the need to clear out dirt and debris as they require only seven inches of clearance space in order to operate.
  4. Why should my company spend the money on a belly saw? The belly saw makes fast work of burst pipes in wet, tight locations. Having a belly saw on hand for workers to use simplifies the process of fixing the broken pipe and reduces water wasted or excessive spills of other fluids spewing from the pipe.
  5. Does it matter how big the pipe is? Belly saws are versatile and make easy work of pipes ranging from 8” to 72” in diameter.
  6. How are belly saws powered? S. SAWS is proud to provide two options for powering belly saws:  air powered and hydraulic.  Both guarantee exhaust fee cuts, saving your workers’ lungs!
  7. Is a belly saw safe to use? Belly saws are the safest option for pipe cutting in wet conditions with limited clearance. They are designed specifically for subgrade locations where standard pipe-cutting saws fall short.  From their clamshell design, protecting users from the saw blades until its time to cut, to the strap attaching the saw directly to the pipe in order to eliminate kickback, these saws are the right option for difficult situations.
  8. Is a belly saw worth the price? S. SAWS had your workers’ safety (and limbs) in mind when they developed their belly saws.  The belly saws produced by U.S. SAWS are top of the line, versatile tools made from high end materials and are guaranteed to make those wet cutting jobs easier, saving contractors time and money.
  9. What belly saws does U.S. SAWS offer? S. SAWS offers multiple belly saws from air powered to hydraulic versions. Each saw works has different limitations as to the size of the pipe it will cut, but no limitation as to the type of pipe it can cut.
  10. How do I know which belly saw is right for my toolbox? Contact U.S. SAWS to speak with a representative who will be able discuss the intricacies of each belly saw and work to find the right one for your business needs.


Trust U.S.SAWS

We understand the importance of getting jobs done safely and efficiently, with accurate cuts and a minimum of debris.  All of our products are like the Belly Saw: Designed to help you do your job with confidence. At U.S.SAWS, we’re always happy to discuss our tools and how they will help your business.  Contact us today to see which belly saw is right for you!


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