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7″ Pro Grinder Package | (2) 12 Segment Turbo Cup Wheels


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Part Number: SX60006PPG2
The 7" Pro Grinder Package is considered a “must have” for any industrial flooring contractor that applies floor coatings or needs to remove old coatings, carpet glue or grind down high spots. This 7" Metabo Concrete Grinder Package comes equipped with a Metabo W24-230 (15 AMP, 6,600 RPM) Grinder, U.S.SAWS Pro Series Convertible Dust Shroud, Comfort Grip Loop Handle and (2) 7" 12 Segment Turbo Cup Wheels

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Cup Wheel Nut Set
Cup Wheel Nut Set
Cup Wheel Wrench
Threaded Cup Wheel Wrench

7″ Pro Grinder Package with (2) 12 Segment Turbo Cup Wheels

Part Number: SX60006PPG2

The 7″ Metabo Concrete Grinder Package comes equipped with a Metabo W24-230 15 AMP, 6,600 RPM, U.S.SAWS dust shroud, loop handle and (2) 7″ 12 segment turbo cup wheels.

The grinder is a German made Metabo Grinder W24-230 and provides plenty of power and durability for almost any grinding job. Use our hand-held concrete grinders for dust control to reduce cleanup time, provide better visibility and increase productivity. Our hand held concrete grinder is great for any small or large job in need of concrete grinding.

*Production rate varies depending on jobsite conditions and equipment. Figures provided as guidelines and are not guarantees of performance.


  • Weight:  25 lbs
  • Hand-held concrete grinder units that are great for smaller jobs or in combination with walk-behind grinders on larger projects
  • Use on concrete for cleaning, leveling high spots or uneven floor surfaces,removing glues,mastic, epoxies and other coatings
  • May be connected to a variety of dust collection systems for dust containment
  • The units polyurethane dust shroud is long lasting and flip up to allow for edge work along walls
  • System includes Metabo 24-230 grinder, dust shroud, Loop Handle, (2) 12 Segment Turbo Cup Wheels

Grinder-Vac Assembly Spec Sheet

7 inch Grinder Owners Manual

          1. What does this come with? 

A Metabo 24-230 grinder, U.S. Saws made Pro Series Dust Shroud, Loop Handle and (2) 12 Segment Turbo Cup Wheels with threaded arbor. 

2. What’s the “Pro Series Dust Shroud”?

It’s our highest quality, longest lasting dust shroud. It has the aluminum mounting collar to help dissipate heat in the gear housing when used for hours on end. (Like professionals do)

3. Do I have to assemble it? 

No, just tighten the loop handle to your desired angle.  The shroud and cup wheel are already mounted. 

4. How long do the cup wheels last? 

Average life of these is 300-1000 sq feet depending on the concrete. Coating removal or soft concrete can drastically change this figure.

5. What size vacuum do I need?

A minimum of 175 cfm. A vacuum specifically designed for concrete dust is preferred.  We recommend our Ultra-Vac 1250.

6. What’s the warranty?

The grinder is covered for three years under Metabo’s factory warranty. Please see Metabo’s warranty for details. 

7. What kind of cup wheels does it come with?

U.S.SAWS 7″ 12 Segment Turbo that features a specific length threaded hub so the cup wheel sits in the shroud at the correct height.  Other brand cup wheels may require spacers or adapters or may bind on the shroud. 


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