Easy Use with One Man Polymer Pump

Surface prep is long, arduous, dirty work.  Contractors are always looking for ways to complete the job more efficiently.  One way to save money on labor is through the investment in innovative tools that simplify the work.  One such tool is the one man polymer pump.  If you’re in the construction business and need to complete surface prep jobs efficiently, then this is the tool for you.

Polymer Pumps and Surface Prep

Concrete flooring is a versatile flooring option that can be as utilitarian as a sturdy warehouse or a glossy painted floor in a swanky high-rise condo.  While the materials may be fairly inexpensive (as far as high-end flooring goes), prepping concrete floors is a long process with several precise steps required to create that perfect finish.

Concrete cracks.  It’s a fact of life. This is due to temperature changes in the concrete which causes shrinkage.  It’s versatility, however, has led contactors to develop ways to make those cracks work for them.  As a concrete slab is laid, control joints need to be created in precise measurements to allow the cracks to form in predetermined areas.  The control joints require a filler to provide a seamless surface for finishing.

The control joint filler needs to be strong, yet flexible.  The flexibility is needed in order to move with the concrete as it undergoes its natural changes.  This helps reduce any further cracking in the slab as well as the appearance of cracks in the final paint or epoxy finish. One of the optimal choices for control joint filler is polyurea.

Polyurea joint filler is fast acting.  Some polyurea fillers will set in twenty minutes, allowing contractors to start the next step in the finishing process:  sanding.  If epoxy is used for the filler, further construction will have to wait at least 8 hours for the epoxy to cure.  Polyurea is definitely the right choice for time sensitive projects.

In order to apply polyurea or epoxy, you need a pump to apply the materials in a fast and precise manner.  The pumps are two tank systems that dispense the polyurea or epoxy with a hardener.  Equipped with a dispensing rod that typically has on/off controls as well as speed controls, the polymer pump allows for precise placement of the polymer materials in the control joint without making a mess on your new concrete slab.  Pumps like U.S. Saws’ Dual Component Polymer Pump are two person systems.  One person works the dispensing wand, controlling the joint filling procedure, while the second person controls the movement of the pump and ensures there is enough material in both tanks to complete the job.

How Does the One Man Pump Help the Process?

The advent of the one man polymer pump has been a game changer.  Instead of paying two people to work one machine, due to its ease of use, the one man polymer pump makes control joint filling a one man job, freeing up the second person to work on a separate aspect of the construction job.   U.S. Saws is a proud innovator of the one man polymer pump.  This pump allows the user to control the dispenser with one hand and maneuver the pump with the other.  This is accomplished through the use of a T shaped handle, which allows left and right hand operation.  These pumps come with 6.5 gallon buckets that will hold full 5 gallon jugs of joint filler, allowing the user to have a reserve in case they run low.  The tanks are also semi-transparent, allowing the operator to stay on top of their material levels without needing input from another person.  They are also equipped with enough space to hold a generator or deep cycle battery, making it the ideal option for spaces lacking electricity.  Plus, there is no need to worry about the electrical cord getting in the way and causing a mess.

U.S. Saws is an innovator in the tool industry.  As concrete flooring gains popularity, U.S. Saws remains on the cutting edge of tool manufacturing for concrete surface prep.  Contact U.S. Saws today to discuss how a one man polymer pump will benefit your business.


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