WWETT 23 – Indianapolis, Indiana

The annual Water & Wastewater Equipment Treatment & Transport Show (WWETT) is set to take place February 20-23, 2023, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.  This annual event brings together industry-leading educators and exhibitors to explore the latest innovations and newest equipment.

With four days of seminars including hot topics such as “Incorporating Pumps and Controls into Design,” “Introduction to Submersible Wastewater Pumps, “Are We in a Septic System Crisis?”, a wide variety of industry and professional topics will be explored, with certification options and continuing educational units (CEUs) and professional development hours (PDUs) available for the maintenance of your professional licenses.  There will also be technical tours available as well as new diversity tracks.

The Expo Hall is the heart and soul of the convention, housing more than 600 exhibitors.  It is here that attendees can interact with industry-leading manufacturers, learn about the latest trends, and purchase products and equipment.  This is also the place where new product launches can be found and where attendees can get a real feel for the products, equipment, and services offered by the exhibitors.

WWETT understands sustainability is vital to the future and is proud to say this convention is powered by renewable energy.  Their three pledges are to:

  • Inspire sustainable development by focusing on content and partnerships to deliver a sustainable event;
  • Environmental responsibility through a reduction in the carbon footprint; and
  • Social responsibility by rethinking the impact we have on the local community.

Make sure to stop by the U.S. SAWS booth, where we will be showcasing the following items:

  • Battery-powered pumps like the BP1520 Dewalt Utility Pump, a high-volume pump used to remove standing water from underground structures.
  • Magnetic manhole cover lifters, like the 3 Magnet Robotron, with a lifting capacity of up to 250 lbs, and the Bo Bop – Magnetic Valve Box Lifter with a powerful magnet and ergonomic handle to reduce injuries for the operator.
  • Valve exercisers like the S. SAWS VEX-400, which is a high torque, valve turning machine used to open, close or exercise vales with less manual labor.
  • Hydraulic saws like the S. SAWS FSB 150H, a hydraulic-powered walk-behind saw effective for concrete and asphalt cutting applications.


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