Ideal Accessories for Your Polyurea Pump

Concrete is a diverse medium for use in residential and commercial spaces.  Concrete workers and interior designers are able to maximize the flexibility of concrete via its texture, color, and sheen, at a rate that is easy on the budget.  As miraculous as concrete seems, it also needs to be properly installed and maintained to avoid excessive cracks.  However, not all cracks in concrete are bad.  As a matter of fact, the installation of concrete requires certain planned cracks, called control joints, to ensure that the cracking is manageable and works with the functionality of the flooring.  The control joints work to manage the contraction and expansion of the concrete as it cures and dries.  Cracks are inevitable, but by creating control joints and utilizing the proper fillers, any damage from the natural contraction and expansion of the concrete is mitigated.  Ensuring the control joints are spaced out properly is the key to the reduction of unwanted cracks.

When the control joints are created, they need to be filled in order to provide the necessary cushion between the two pieces of concrete.    There exist two industry standard types of joint fillers:  epoxy control joint fillers and polyurea control joint fillers.  Polyurea joint fillers are the easiest to work with of these two fillers.  Fast setting with a flowable pour, the polyurea joint filler is a great choice for people who want to not only filly joints, but also for caulking and crack repairs.  Polyurea filler is also versatile in that it can be made in a variety of colors.

What is the Purpose of a Polyurea Pump?

While the polyurea control joint filler is versatile, it does require the combination of two chemicals at the time of placement in the control joint. Because of the fast setting aspect of the polyurea joint filler, you need a pump that allows you to merge and apply the compounds at a rapid pace.  Once the two compounds merge, they start to cure and dry.  Polyurea pumps apply the fast-acting, merged compounds to their proper place in the control joint quickly.  Typically a job for multiple people due to the dual components, the polyurea pump makes this a one-man job, reducing labor costs and allowing the joint filler to be applied swiftly and with maximum precision.

Top Accessories for Your Pump

Every great tool needs equally as great accessories.  The polyurea pump is no different.  Because the polyurea joint filler is applied to cracks, both planned and unplanned, it is important to ensure the cracks are clean and free of debris.  Many times, joints that have been filled will need a new application of joint filler.  In order to do this, it is important to remove any remaining filler to ensure proper cohesion.  This is where the crack chaser plays a vital role.  The U.S.SAWS 5” hand-held premium crack chaser is a prime example of a high-quality crack chaser.  This handy tool is small and lightweight making it perfect for use horizontal and vertical repairs.  It also comes equipped with dry diamond blades.

A power inverter is another great accessory for the polyurea pump.  In using a battery, the polyurea pump is freed from the constraints of the power cord.  Cord-free operation is handy for those tight situations where a cord can get in the away, or in times when a power source is not conveniently located nearby.  U.S.SAWS 1200W Power Inverter is a great choice.

Because of the quick setting materials in the polyurea filler, it is vital to clean the components to the pump quickly after use.  Having a replacement pump on hand is always a good call.  The U.S.SAWS Polyurea Replacement Pump works to prevent seal leaks and is much easier to clean.

Finally, as the tanks are a vital piece of the polyurea pump puzzle, it is always a good idea to have replacement tanks for the pump as well.  A spare resin tank and a spare hardener tank on hand will ensure that should there be any issue with your current tanks, you have clean, debris-free spares to use.

U.S.SAWS One Man Polyurea Pump

Priding itself on quality tools at the right price, U.S.SAWS has created its One Man Polyurea Pump.  This top-of-the-line pump is operated by a single user and delivers optimal precision while reducing the need for increased labor costs.  This pump comes equipped with a T handle that allows the operator to guide the pump along the control joint or crack easily and precisely.  The tanks are lower, which enables the operator to fill and refill the tanks with ease.  There is even an enclosed box for tool storage!  Cord-free operation is available via the storage space where a power inverter with a battery or a generator can be accommodated.  This polyurea pump is balanced and well-conceived for ease of use and efficiency.

U.S.SAWS is an innovator in the tool industry.  As concrete flooring gains popularity, U.S.SAWS remains on the cutting edge of tool manufacturing for concrete surface prep.  Contact U.S.SAWS today to find the right polyurea pump for your concrete job.


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