Tips to Choosing the Right Chainsaw

U.S.SAWS is an industry leader in the manufacturing and sales of outdoor power equipment.  Their chainsaws offer an exceptional level of safety and accuracy when cutting ductile iron pipe, PVC, or concrete and are frequently used by municipal water departments, underground, utility contractors and professional cutters. U.S. SAWS chainsaws are available as gas, hydraulic, or air powered saws. With an extensive range of powerful chainsaws, from lightweight all-rounders through to powerful workhorses, there’s a U.S Saw’s chainsaw for every potential job. With such a wide variety of options and models in their inventory, there are three key factors to consider before choosing the right chainsaw for your job.

The Size of the Job

Before spending a large sum of money on a fantastic, top of the line chainsaw, the first consideration should be about the size of the job at hand.  Not every job requires a large blade chainsaw with diamond chains.  Instead, it is best practice to get a general idea of how deep your cut will need to be, what type of material you are cutting,  and then gauge the setting in which you will be doing your cut.  For example, a utility worker may find him or herself in need of a chainsaw for cutting a submerged water pipe.  U.S. Saws has a great option for this scenario:   U.S. SAWS Air Chain Saw Model ACH-GB16.  This strong air powered chainsaw has no emissions while running, has very few moving parts, and has no kickback, which is optimal for tight quarters.  It comes with either a 16 inch blade or a 20 inch blade depending on the required depth of your cut.  In situations where minimal excavation occurs and irregular shapes are needed, U.S. SAWS offers the 20 inch Ductile Iron Cutting Air Chain Saw Package.  This outdoor power equipment package comes with a heavy duty chainsaw, bar, chain, storage bag, pipe clamp and chain extension.  The pipe clamp takes the back breaking work out of pipe cutting.

Your Experience Level

The second factor to consider is your experience level.  While some may think that bigger means better, that’s not always the case when it comes to chainsaws.  Not only is it important to choose a model suited to the tasks for which you will be using the chainsaw, it is just as important to choose a chainsaw that is comfortable for you to handle and is suited to your experience level.  As DIY projects become more prevalent with more people working from home, many new homeowners are excited by the prospect of using chainsaws for their new projects.  Chainsaws are powerful and can be very dangerous in the wrong hands.  It is important to realize that chainsaws are can be very heavy, and a heavy chainsaw will wear out your arms faster than a lighter chainsaw, which opens you and those around you to potentially dangerous situations.  However, using a smaller chainsaw for a large job will also cause the same problem.  Much like tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, it is important that the person using the chainsaw finds one with the proper weight and fit for the user’s size and strength and balances that with the size of the job at hand.

The Power Source

The third factor to consider when preparing to purchase a chainsaw is the type of power source.  Much like blade size and weight, chainsaws offer a wide variety of power sources which are dependent on the type of job for which the chainsaw is intended.  Depending on the scenario, more power is not always the best option.  U.S. SAWS offers chainsaws that are powered by gas, hydraulics or air, all of which are great in their own ways and suited to different users and tasks.  The choice of power is reliant on the application.  Air powered chainsaws, or pneumatic chainsaws, are typically lightweight and easy to maintain, but they do require the operator to be tethered to an air compressor, which is then also fueled usually with diesel fuel which drives up the cost of using a pneumatic chainsaw.  Hydraulic powered chainsaws are long lasting and are great for use in wet conditions and also have reduced emissions, making it a great option for use in tight spaces.  Gas chainsaws are real powerhouses.  Their motors provide more power than pneumatic or hydraulic chainsaws.  However, one of the best benefits to gas powered chainsaws is their portability.  As they are not attached to a power outlet in anyway, they can be used in the field where electrical outlets are scarce.

No matter the size of the job, the experience level of the user, or the power source of the chainsaw, make sure to always wear your safety gear!

U.S. Saws is an innovator in outdoor power equipment.  Contact U.S. Saws today to find the right chainsaw for your job.



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