Considering a Dust Collection System

Surface prep is dirty work.  Concrete grinding and cutting is notorious for causing a large amount of debris, especially if it is a dry cut.  Including a dust collection system in your kit not only makes post-job clean up faster and more efficient, but also can save your life.

Particle dust from surface prep gets everywhere, into all of the nooks and crannies, coating surfaces it comes in contact with.  Worse, this dust is small enough to be airborne and can be inhaled by workers not using the proper safety masks.  The dust particulates contain known carcinogens which linger in the lungs and may eventually cause respiratory distress or even lung cancer.

Ideal Solution for Dust Collection

Dust particles released on job sites can be hazardous to your health, and that of your co-workers and the people who utilize the location at which you worked.  In order to cut down on airborne dust particles, it is important to use some sort of dust collection system.  Advanced dust collection systems like U.S. Saws Ultra Vac 1250 Dust Collector have changed the game for contractors.  This specific dust collection system comes equipped with:

  • Top of the line large HEPA (or High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, which are capable of filtering out about 99.7% of various airborne particulates, even concrete dust;
  • Two 120V motors providing extra sucking power;
  • Durable steel frames that can withstand constant use;
  • High capacity dust bins that allow you to reduce the amount of times needed to empty the bin, which always risks releasing more dust back into the air;
  • Front and rear handles for effortless transport.; and
  • It is OSHA certified.

These high powered performers allow contractors to completely clean the project site after a long afternoon of surface prep.

Performance Options

It is important that the dust collection system perform optimally to ensure it is removing as much particulate as possible.  In order to ensure your system is set up to do handle that heavy-duty job, make sure it is equipped with powerful motors to ensure the system will provide the proper suction needed to remove the dust.  Another important piece of the dust collector that improves performance and ensures safety is an extended hose for hard to reach places.  The U.S. SAWS Ultra Vac 1250-G is a gas powered machine that used wide, flat wheels to ensure that all of the hard work just put in on that concrete floor doesn’t wind up with indentations in the clean-up process.

Vacuum Capacity

Vacuum capacity is a serious consideration for contractors hired for heavy-duty surface prep work.  High capacity dust bins help reduce the amount of times collected dust is stirred up and potentially re-released in the air.  Many dust collection systems come equipped with Longopac bagging systems.  These dust collection bags allow for the bags filled with dust to be removed from the dust collection system in a sealed manner, allowing for a cleaner environment as opposed to opening a dust bin full of particulates and allowing them to potentially contaminate an area again.

Additional Dust Tips

It is crucial to understand the size of the job you are going to perform before you get started.  Many times contractors will try to utilize a standard shop vac to manage debris from surface prep; however, these shop vacs are unable to handle heavy-duty jobs and may also violate OSHA regulations, which can land the contractor into legal trouble.

Another way to reduce the amount of dust and debris released into the air is to use a dust shroud with your concrete grinder.  Dust shrouds attach directly to the grinder and collect dust before it can be emitted into the air.  Using an top of the line dust collection system in conjunction with a dust shroud will make your job cleaner and more efficient to clean up at the end of the day.

Contact U.S. SAWS today to ensure your dust collection system meets not only your job’s needs, but is also OSHA certified.


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