The Dos and Don’ts of Wet Tile Cutting with Diamond Blades

Diamond blades.  Doesn’t the name sound luxurious? In the world of tile cutting, there is nothing stronger than a diamond blade.  These blades are perfect for cutting tile, glass, concrete and porcelain and have the capability to do so in wet or dry conditions.  They are usually made of stainless steel and have diamond chips adhered to the blade.  Typically a cleaner cut is made with a diamond blade when the diamond fragments are more exposed.  As the blade use wears down the fragments, the cuts become less clean and precise.

When cutting tiles, no matter the material, the key to the perfect fit is a clean, precise cut.  An experienced contractor will have a sound understanding of when to use and when not to use diamond blades.  Let’s explore some of those dos and don’ts for wet-cutting.

Wet Cutting Diamond Blade Dos

Diamond blade water cutters are a must have for every contractor’s tool box.  These saws can be your best friend for wet cutting tile if used properly.  One would assume the first DO for wet cutting tile would be water, but it isn’t.  The first DO of properly using these diamond blade water cutters is pre-inspecting the blade before use.  You want that diamond blade to complete fast, precision cuts.  You are able to ensure that precision and smoothness by inspecting your blade for any cracks or obvious wear and tear.  Not only will a worn blade ruin a perfect cut, it can also be dangerous.  It is important for everyone that you have a smooth, precise cut and finish that cut with all of your digits intact.  So take a minute and inspect your blade before every use.

The second big DO of wet cutting tile is the use of water while cutting.  Ensuring there is a steady supply of water for the blade is crucial to the blade’s performance.  Water is such a vital component to the process because it reduced friction during the use of the blade, which ensures the blade is operating optimally during the entire cut.   The goal is a fast, clean cut with perfect precision.  That can be achieved by using properly prepared diamond blade combined with a continuous stream of water.

The third key DO of wet cutting with diamond blades is ensuring you are wearing all of the proper safety gear.  Don’t let the glitz of that diamond blade cloud your common sense.  Safety gear is the key to protecting your eyes, fingers, feet, and other body parts from serious harm.  That includes eye protection, gloves, steel toed shoes, and ear protection.

Wet Cutting Diamond Blade Don’ts

The DON’TS are just as important as the DOS when using a diamond blade.  First, DON’T operate your diamond blade saw without reading the manufacturer’s operating manual.  It is imperative you are versed in how the blade fits into the saw and how to operate the saw to avoid malfunctions, poor cuts and injury.  Take the time to read the manual and familiarize yourself with the tool before use.

Second, DON’T use your new blade on a saw that does not meet the correct specifications for the size of your new blade.  The saws that work with diamond blades are made for particular saw blades.  Using a blade that is too large or small for the saw you have will set you up for failure and potentially severe injury.

Third, DON’T operate your water cutter without a blade guard.  The purpose of the blade guard in wet tile cutting is multifold.  Of course a blade guard is there as a safety feature to protect your fingers.  It also, however, ensures that the water that is splashing off of the blade during use hits the guard and makes its way back to the blade, reducing friction to the blade as it cuts and preserving the longevity of the blade while keeping cuts smooth and precise.  That pesky blade guard also does a good job of keeping you dry while operating the saw.

A fourth DON’T is also mentioned in the DOS, but is worth reiterating here.  DON’T operate your diamond blade without safety gear.  Heavy duty gloves and goggles may not be en vogue, but losing a finger does is an expensive way to get out of remodeling your master bathroom.  Wear the gear and reduce your risk of harm.


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