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Core EZ System


Part Number: US28000
The U.S.SAWS Core EZ Core makes core drilling easy by utilizing standard 110 V power. The Core EZ is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. The system is designed with an anchor bolt and guidepost to allow faster, cleaner cutting in close quarters and prevents damage to the surface being drilled.  

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Battery Powered Pump
5 Gallon Battery Operated Water Feed Tank
Core Bits
Bit for Core EZ System - 5"

U.S.SAWS Core EZ | Core Drilling Machine

Part Number: US28000

The U.S.SAWS Core EZ is a modular, high precision core drilling machine designed to drill holes in concrete faster and more accurately than traditional drill rigs or hand held devices.  This machine excels in areas where portability is a key component to the job.  Up on a scissor lift, down in a concrete vault, plumbers, mechanical contractors, fire sprinkler contractors and pro cutters will find this machine a  faster, safer and easier way to drill holes in concrete.  The system is mounted on a “Center Guide Post” to quickly and accurately guide the bit through the concrete.  The center mount system eliminates the need to drill offset holes required to mount traditional rigs and also retains the core when drilling vertically.  Please contact us to learn more of the benefits of the Center Guide Post drilling system.  When transporting or not in use, the Core-EZ breaks down and fits neatly into a hard shell rolling storage case.  The gearbox is made of solid billet aluminum and uses carbon fiber belts for strength and longevity.

Common bit sizes include: 3″ 4″ 5″ 6″ 7″ 8″ & 10.”

**Bits are sold separately** 


  • Weight:  45 lbs
  • Easy and fast set-up and break-down
  • Accurate and fast cutting
  • Equipped with a “Safety Clutch” to protect the operator in the event of a jammed bit
  • No measuring off-sets
  • Wont damage surfaces
  • Unit holds the core once drilling is complete
  • All equipment fits in one case
  • Fits in tight spaces

Core EZ Spec Sheet

Core EZ & Accessories Flyer

Core EZ Accessories Spec Sheet

Core EZ Owners Manual


1 review for Core EZ System

  1. Matt

    I recently purchased a core drill from US Saws. I had never used anything except for a standard hand held core drill before, but since I was coring a six inch hole (six of them, 5 horizontal and 1 vertical) I was looking for something a bit more substantial. I was also coring into decretive concrete so I couldn’t afford to chip corners and “bounce around” at all. The saw I rented was absolutely amazing!!! It attaches to the concrete in the center of the hole, which is ideal. Initially I was a bit scared as to what would happen if the bit “grabbed” something while drilling, but I quickly found out that there is a clutch in gear box that makes the whole thing very easy to manage. The final product was amazing, and like any new machine the first core was a bit slow but the remaining five that I did were incredibly fast. I’d give her a 10 out of 10… heck I’d let my wife use it! Thanks US Saws for engineering a superior product!

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