Truck-mounted Valve Exerciser vs. Hand-held Valve Exerciser

This process has also presented as a labor-intensive system using t- bars and a variety of hand-operated devices. Massive truck-mounted units became available in the early 2000s; however, their size and expense make them appropriate only for selective Municipal customers.

The U.S.Saws’ design team developed a battery-powered, lightweight version that offers the operators weight to absorb the torque reaction of the handheld device. This allowed U.S.Saws to increase output torque and still have a safe design for operators. The U.S.Saws Valve Exerciser VEX 400  offers many of the features of the more massive truck-mounted units while maintaining a lightweight, portable design while producing 400 pounds of output torque, a 9-foot shaft depth, a digital counter, and variable torque output, this tool does the work of the larger units for a fraction of the cost.

Many municipal customers have reported that having a water valve exerciser can pay for itself in as little as one salvaged valve. Once the device becomes part of the regular maintenance package, operators will use this to close all valves for repairs, maintenance, inspection, line breaks, sluice gates, dams, and other applications.

Continuing innovation for this tool also offers hydrant exercising OS and Y valve operations for plant maintenance in other repetitive valve operations.

U.S.Saws’ culture of innovation continues to provide solutions for municipal operators year after year.


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