7" Long Threaded Arbor 12 Segment Turbo Cup Wheel


7" 12 Segment Standard Turbo Cup Wheel Long Threads

Part Number: CW7TR12SLTB

Size: 7x5/8-11 12 Seg Turbo Cup Wheel

Works with U.S.SAWS Shrouds without spacers or adapters and is an excellent value for length of life and speed of grinding.

-30/40 Grit

-Softer than average bond

-For use on hard concrete

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7" Long Threaded Arbor 12 Seg Turbo Cup Wheel

Size: 7x5/8-11 12 Seg Turbo Cup Wheel

This is one of our most popular cup wheels.  It has a softer bond so it works really well on hard trowelled floors or where theres a cure and seal/curing compound on the surface that need to be removed prior to coating.  The longer than normal threads are designed to be used with the U.S.SAWS shrouds without the need for spacers or adapters.  30/40 grit diamonds will leave a nice profile for coating ot adhere to but won't gouge into the concrete where visible marks would telegraph through a shiny coating.

Please see the specifications for more details

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  • 7" Diameter 12 Segment 5/8-11 Arbor Thread "Long Arbor" To work with U.S.SAWS Shrouds with no special spacers or adapters
  • Works with Metabo and others too
  • Quality: Standard
  • Bond: Soft Medium
  • Diamond Content: Medium
  • Diamond Size: 30/40
  • Effective Grinding Life: Varies
  • Best Used on: Preparing new concrete for coatings. Thin coating and paint removal. Hard Concrete. Steel trowelled concrete, Concrete with a curing compound on it.
  • Due to this cup wheels softer than average bond, we do not recommend using it on soft concrete or abrasive materials like quartz broadcast coatings. Very short life will result.
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