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2/3VX315 Ultra Vac 1250 Gas Replacement Belt


Part Number: SX50270
The 2/3VX315  replacement belt for the Ultra Vac 1250 Gas and Propane Powered versions. This belt is for Gas or Propane Powered Ultra Vacs (built after 4/1/2021).  

2/3VX315 Replacement Belt 

Part Number: SX50270

The replacement belt for the Ultra Vac 1250 Gas Powered or Propane Powered Version. The belt is for Gas Ultra Vacuums (built post 4/1/2021).

This is the newest double wide single belt.  It will replace the (2) single V-belts without any additional parts.


  • Weight:  0.5 lbs
  • Belt Size: 3VX315
  • This size belt is commonly available at auto parts stores in case of emergencies


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