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JS-131 Gas Walk Behind | Joint Clean-out Saw


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Part Number: SX77131
The JS-131 is a Joint Clean-out Saw/Mill designed to clean-out existing control joints to prepare for new joint fill application or remove failing or deteriorated existing joint fill material. This machine can be used to remove polyurea, epoxy, and polyurethane joint fill materials. This JS-131 has several key features to provide accuracy, high production rates, and a safe working environment.

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Tigertooth Blade
10" x .095" x 1" Tiger Tooth Blade
Gas Powered Vacuum
Ultra Vac 1250-G | Gas Powered Vacuum

JS-131 Joint Clean-out Saw

Part Number: SX77131

The JS-131 Gas – Joint Clean-out Saw is a gas-powered walk-behind saw used for joint clean-out, concrete sawing, and trench cutting. The material is milled out of the joint in an upward direction and is collected by the debris collection port. It features a blade guard design with up-cut rotation, which permits easy dust extraction and a secure connection to the dust collection system. A dust collector with a minimum of 350 CFM is recommended for use with this machine for open joint cleanout.  A 225 CFM is acceptable with certain blade and jobsite configurations, but production speed is significantly dependent upon job site conditions.

The JS-131 joint clean-out saw uses dry diamond blades and cuts to a maximum depth of 3″. It features a secure screw-down depth control for added precision and safety power source: 13 HP Honda gas engine.


  • Weight:  200 lbs
  • Gas walk-behind mill used for joint clean-out, concrete sawing, and trench cutting
  • Up cut blade rotation with vacuum port on the front of the blade guard allows for easy and efficient dust collection
  • This machine is designed to mill out dirt and debris from existing control joints prior to filling, or to remove existing joint fill material in need of replacement
  • A dust collector with a minimum of 350 CFM is recommended for use with this machine when cleaning out open control joints. (Joint fill removal or concrete cutting may be acceptable with 225 CFM)
  • Production speed is greatly dependent upon job site conditions
  • Made in the U.S.A.

JS-131 Joint Saw Gas Spec Sheet

JS Series JS-130 – 131 Owners Manual

1. What is the blade life on my JS Saws blades? How many linear feet does a blade do?  

The average blade life is 2,000-3,000 linear feet. However, the concrete and/or material in joints are different on each project changing the overall average.

2. Can I use multiple blades (stack blades) on my JS Saw? 

Yes, you can stack multiple blades up to 1-1/2” on your JS131 & JS160

3. How deep & wide do the JS model saws cut? 

3″ Maximum Depth with a 10″ Blade. 

Width: .095, .110, .125, .187, .250, .375, .500 for single blade or multiple blades can be stacked up to 1.5″ wide total. 

4. What is the rate of production?

Depends on the jobsite conditions, open joint cleanout (new construction, no existing filler. not over cutting joints) 50-80 ft per minute, removing approximately 1/2″ depth x .250 wide of epoxy joint filler 6-12 ft per minute, removing polyurea joint filler can only be measured on the jobsite.


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