The Belly Saw

Contractors many times find themselves stuck in tight situations where large diameter pipe needs to be cut, but the conditions are not optimal for the use of industry-standard pipe cutters or saws to do this efficiently. Cutting pipe in cramped conditions can be a difficult process that needs to be done professionally and with the correct tools. That’s where the U.S. SAWS Belly Saw comes in and makes life a whole lot easier for those wet cuts in narrow spaces.

The Belly Saw is made for these specific wet conditions. The design of the saw is actually safer to operate than most other cutting tools.  This is important because you will be using this saw in harsh conditions so safety should always be the main priority.

About the Belly Saw:

The Belly Saw is designed for cutting pipe in wet conditions. The design of the saw is safer to operate than other cutting tools. The guard design completely covers the blade, and the saw straps to the pipe to prevent kickback. Most belly saws are used by contractors and utility workers for cutting subgrade pipes in tight conditions.  These saws are ideal for pipes ranging from 8 inches, all the way to 74 inches in diameter. The belly saw only needs about seven inches of clearance to use. This eliminates your time and effort of clearing out excessive amounts of dirt before the cutting process.

When a pipe bursts and cutting needs to be involved to make the repair, clearing out sludge around the pipe requires more manpower which increases the overall cost of the project. The belly saw gives you the ability for workers to make a quicker cut by reducing the amount of space needed for the initial entrance of the saw and doing it under safe conditions. 

Benefits of Belly Saws:

Cutting pipes with heavy-duty equipment is a dangerous aspect of the construction field. But with the AIR POWERED BELLY SAW from U.S. Saws, this type of job becomes easier and safer for everyone. With customer satisfaction a top priority in the design, U.S. Saws ensures that each saw is equipped with Tiger Tooth saw blades. These unique sharp blades lessen the cut time, which ultimately reduces the time using this saw. For different diameters of piping that you’re cutting, each blade is different, so the cuts are pristine.

Because safety is also a main concern, these saws are equipped with a clamshell design. The “shell” surrounds the saw and protects those using it from the sharp blades. This safety feature falls into how these saws are powered as well. Belly saws use hydraulic or air in small areas, so they don’t have to endure breathing in harmful fumes.

Belly saws are equipped with a strap you can attach to the pipe itself. When the strap is drawn around the pipe, this allows for a more accurate and faster cut for the pipe you are working on. This is an important aspect so you can have total control of the saw and move it the way it needs to be moved for the specific cut.

The main objective of the belly saw is to make “regular” jobs, easier. Cutting pipes in wet conditions can be dangerous, so U.S. Saws gives you the tools and knowledge to ensure everyone is safe and the job is done correctly. Belly saws can improve productivity and reduce the costs of mistakes that are bound to happen.


U.S. Saws is an innovator in the tool industry. Cutting pipes in wet conditions can be dangerous and extremely tough.  Belly saws are essential for all pipe cutting needs that will take your project to the next level.  As there are many factors to consider in choosing the proper saw, for your project, engaging with a company to help guide you to the right knowledge and tools will ensure the job is completed promptly in the right manner.  Contact U.S. Saws today to find the right belly saw to meet your specific cutting needs.


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