The Rise of Propane-Powered Tools and the Benefits on a Job Site

Propane is a popular alternative fuel. Also known as liquefied petroleum gas, it is a clean-burning fuel, used for decades for lighting, heating, and power generation. As technology improves, the use of propane on job sites has grown due to its affordability, reliability, and versatility. As an added bonus, tools powered by propane last longer than electric-powered tools. This environmentally friendly fuel is also seeing rapid expansion due to an increase in green construction and environmentally-minded consumers.

Benefits of Propane-Powered Tools

Propane-powered tools are versatile and portable, making them ideal for off-grid worksites that have no access to electrical outlets. By having the power source fully contained in the tool or machine itself, propane-powered tools offer more freedom of movement by eliminating the need for a power cord. The elimination of the power cord also reduces job site injuries due to tripping or the tangling of cords. Further, propane cylinders housing the fuel are easy to transport between job sites and can even be stored on-site for maximum efficiency.

As the world turns towards more climate-friendly innovation, it is important to note that propane-powered tools reduce the emission of molecules that are harmful to the environment when compared to gas or diesel tools and machines. Consumers concerned with green construction will be happy to know that the use of propane over gas or diesel reduces carbon monoxide and greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, working to limit the effects of global warming. Unlike gas, diesel, or other petroleum products, propane is recognized by the EPA as a non-contaminant of soil, water, and air, further reducing any potential harmful effects from tools and machines used on job sites. As an added bonus, this equipment can be used both outdoors and indoors, provided there is proper ventilation.

Keeping a watchful eye on your bottom line is key to maximizing the profits of any construction business. By using propane-powered tools, contractors can ensure they are using the most cost-effective supplies as possible. Propane costs half the price of gas or diesel. With skyrocketing gas prices, being able to save money on fuel for tools and machines is critical to ensuring the viability of the business. Propane supply remains reliable in North America, allowing prices to remain consistent even as markets fluctuate around the world and OPEC increases or reduces oil production. As oil prices surge, the use of propane provides a long-term low-cost fuel solution for contractors and their businesses.

The use of propane on job sites even comes with certain rebates and incentives for business owners. For instance, the state of Florida offers both rebates and incentives for business and farm owners who utilize propane for irrigation (up to a $2,500 rebate per approved propane irrigation engine), commercial mowing (up to $1,000 rebate per approved propane mower), heating and power (up to $1,500 incentive for builders who utilize propane equipment for heating and power in new builds and renovations), and a variety of farm necessities (including irrigation engines, grain dryers, flame weed control, and standby generators). The federal government also offers its own form of incentives for the use of propane in commercial buildings in the form of tax deductions for the use of energy-efficient materials.

U.S. Saws is a proud supplier of many propane-powered surface prep tools, including the JS-160 Propane Joint Clean-Out Saw. This powerful saw is powered by propane to make fast work of control joint fillers like polyurea and epoxy. This specialized tool is highly accurate and creates a safe working environment for its operator. It is equipped with a carbon monoxide monitor, a certified 479cc Briggs, and Stratton Vanguard V-Twin propane engine, polyurethane blade guard seals to reduce dust, and front and rear pointer guides for high-performance accuracy.  It has also earned a Certificate of Conformity with the Clean Air Act from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Save money and the Earth with propane. Contact U.S. Saws today to find out how to incorporate more propane-fueled tools into your business today.



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