Core Drilling with the Cordless Core EZ

As concrete gains popularity in the municipal, commercial and residential world, the need for specialized tools to work with this durable material increases.  Concrete core drills are a must-have for construction and utility workers alike.  Core drilling machines and core drilling bits are useful tools for cable installers, electricians, plumbers, and air conditioning technicians.

Core Drilling Machines

Core drilling machines are a form of drill used by a variety of industries, but particularly the concrete industry, that drill a hole and, upon removal of the drill bit, extracts a core sample.  A concrete core drill is equipped with a specialized bit that not only drills into the concrete, but because the core drill bit is hollow, it drills into the concrete and extracts the material, leaving a perfectly cylindrical hole with which to work.  These concrete core extractions may even be tested to determine strength and durability. While popular for use with concrete, core drilling machines are also good to use with wood, stone, and even ice.  These particular tools are useful for the installation of plumbing systems, and even for electrical wiring or cable installation.  Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems require large, cored-out holes for the creation of ducts, which aids in creating climate-controlled areas of homes and businesses.  With the right concrete drill bits, concrete drilling machines are able to cut neat, clean holes with diameters ranging from three-fourths of an inch to six feet.

As with all concrete cutting power tools and machines, it is important to use the proper safety gear when using core drill bits especially when dry cutting concrete.  Make sure you wear protective eye coverings and a mask or respirator over your nose and throat.  Dust particulates that are released while cutting can cause serious health problems when inhaled.

U.S.SAWS’ Cordless Core EZ

U.S.SAWS’ Cordless Core EZ is a top-of-the-line, high-precision core drilling machine.  This machine is lightweight, comparatively speaking, weighing in at sixty-five pounds.  No offset holes are required with this tool because traditional rigs are not necessary, as the Cordless Core EZ is mounted on a center guidepost.  The center guide post works by drilling an anchor hole, setting an anchor pin, removing the nuts from the anchor bolt, mounting the guidepost, adjusting the anchor point, and tightening the guidepost until it is secured and centered.  It’s important to ensure the guidepost is well lubricated and clean.  Then the gearbox and grinder are slid over the guidepost and locked in via the locking pin on the hex drive.  This guidepost allows for accurate and efficient drilling, by reducing vibration and supporting the weight of the core drilling machine throughout the entire drilling process.  The Cordless Core EZ makes easy work of all vertical drilling floors and horizontal drilling walls, with clear instructions for the easy removal of the related cores.  This entire unit comes with a wheeled carrying case for easy portability.

Core Drill Accessories

Besides supplying top-of-the-line core drilling machines, U.S.SAWS is also the place for all of your quality core drill accessories.  Better quality tools and accessories will increase the likelihood of the accurate and successful performance of the tools.  The Premium Core Bits are the right core drill bits for the Core EZ.  These high-end drill bits make easy work of advanced coring in concrete, brick, and block.  The drill bits are available in sizes ranging from three-inch bits to ten-inch bits.  U.S.SAWS also supplies a reputable Hudson Sprayer.   This 3.5-gallon sprayer makes the perfect water supply piece for your Core EZ for all of your wet cutting and wet drilling needs.  For all of those times you find yourself needing to drill at an angle, U.S.SAWS offers an Angle Drilling Washer, making the job that much easier. These washers are important to have, especially in those tight-fitting situations where angled holes are necessary.  Finally, the Cordless Core EZ’s mounted guide post system requires a top-rated concrete anchor to ensure stability.  U.S.SAWS offers a 3/8’-16 x 5” length zinc plated concrete anchor to ensure the guidepost system is secure.

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