Cup Wheels: Top Benefits When Finishing Concrete

There are different methods to finishing concrete, and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Some techniques are preferred due to their speed, or expense, or an existing level of comfort with them. Sometimes you use a certain method because that’s what you learned years ago. In other cases you might not be familiar enough with other options to make a fair comparison.

But businesses and individuals often turn to cup wheels for their concrete finishing as opposed to other methods. Why? What advantages do cup wheels offer in their own right? If you don’t use them currently, consider these reasons for implementing cup wheels into your finishing method.

Clean finish. Obviously, a finishing method has to actually work properly, and cup wheels provide a smooth surface that gives off a reflective quality in the right lighting. For professional-looking concrete, cup wheels are an effective option.

Safety. You might think that a mirror-like concrete finish would make the surface slippery and prone to safety hazards. In reality, the opposite is true. Using a cup wheel increases friction to the finished product, providing slip resistance and another element of safety to high-traffic areas. Finishing concrete with cup wheels produces a less-slippery product than other finishing methods.

Resistant. Finishing concrete with cup wheels helps the completed project remain durable in varying weather environments or high-traffic situations. The smooth surface is resistant to materials that could erode or stain the concrete, meaning it remains in good working order for a longer period of time. Concrete that doesn’t need frequent repair or refinishing saves money in the long run, and looks better during its life cycle.

Variety. Just as all concrete isn’t the same, and all jobs aren’t the same, cup wheels can vary a great deal as well. Different types of work will require different tools, and cup wheels come in enough variations to accommodate all those jobs. Size and diamond content are just a couple of specifications that will determine which cup wheel will be right for your job.

Affordable. Featuring high diamond content and a variety of grits, U.S.SAWS has a collection of cup wheels that can tackle any job, whether it’s implementation, repair or decoration. And all of them fit into a cost-conscious budget, providing long-lasting value as a trusted solution for creative or industrial projects.

U.S.SAWS: Another Advantage. As a leader in construction solutions, U.S.SAWS is an advantage for anyone with complicated jobs or precise work requirements. Our team is led by principals with decades of experience, so no job is foreign and no task is out of their area of expertise.

Knowing what type of tool to use in any given situation is one thing, but finding the right version of that tool can present its own challenges. U.S.SAWS can not only offer whichever cup wheel best suits your needs, but can assist in finding that tool and answer any questions you might have along the way. We’re happy to help you at every stage of the decision-making process. Use our contact page for prompt answers to your important questions.


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