Pipe Beveling Tool Selection

Beveling cut ends of water main pipe after an in-field cut is required to reduce the chances of damaging Bell end gaskets during installation.

The difficulty in the beveling process is keeping a consistent and smooth finish while using basic hand tools.

Mechanical beveller’s have advanced with the use of battery-powered tools in high speed cutting heads making the job extremely easy and fast.

U.S.SAWS manufactured several tools for beveling PVC pipe in the trench allowing for quick installation and excellent results .

Because of changes in pipe size in classification having a tool that is adjustable in offered in many forms to fit tools like battery-powered grinders, gas-powered saws, eliminate the need for difficult handwork.

Field repairs often allow little room to access the ends of cut pipe. The U.S.SAWS bevel tools allow tight access with very little clearance required.

For pipe sizes 6 inches through 12 inches, US Saw’s Recommends the use of an 8 flute or 16 flute cutting tool. These 2 beveller’s have identical cutting profiles but are designed for either low power hand tools (16 flute) or high powered gas construction saws (8 flute). These cutting heads meet requirements of ASTM standards and AWWA installation standards For proper bevel dimensions. For pipe sizes, 16 inches and larger US Saws recommends the 3 flute beveller version used on a gas-powered saw.

Because these cutting tools work on a variety of sizes it is a one size fits all application. Most other manufacturers require the purchase of multiple tools for different sizes of pipe making the process expensive and the loss of parts a reality.


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