Underground Cutting Made Easy and Safer

Public Utility companies have used a variety of cutting tools for In-trench repair in the past, such as gas construction saws, reciprocating saws, snap cutters, and other means to remove sections of a damaged pipe. Today’s workforce recognizes the need for a safer and dedicated equipment designed to solve this job. Because of this, workers today are moving away from conventional handheld rotary blade machines because it can be problematic to operate in confined spaces with tools that are attached to the pipe.

For over 30 years, U.S.SAWS has been an innovator of pipe cutting chainsaws and water line maintenance. We offer advantages of modified grinding systems that can reduce the risk of injuries. With the development of specialized cutting blades, emissions-free air-powered equipment, and attachment systems to reduce the risk of kickback in the trench, U.S.SAWS designed the “belly saw.” The belly saw was designed to cut the bottom part of a pipe in the trench. We do this while having the saw straps physically to the pipe with a roller assembly that allows the saw to move freely around the diameter of the pipe while making a straight Burr free cut. The most popular version of this tool can cut diameters from 6 inches to 24-inch diameter ductile iron pipe. Also available in sizes are 24-48” and 48 inches up to 72-inch diameter pipe. One of the primary advantages of operating with this saw is that the depth of cut is limited to an inch and one quarter, thus preventing the blade from dragging in residual water in the pipe and reducing horsepower applied in the cutting process. The belly saw is the most cost-effective, fastest, and safest pipe cutting saw in the market today.

Pipe cutting chainsaws have revolutionized utility work in the last 10 years. The ability to cut ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, AC pipe, and other materials gives this machine a unique advantage. Because the air chainsaw operates with pressurized air, it can work underwater and in extremely wet environments with no disadvantage. To make this tool more useful and safe, U.S.SAWS created the pipe mounting device that fixes the saw to the pipe while being cut. This device allows the saw to make a bottom-up cut, which offers several advantages in the repair process. Residual water drains out the bottom cut, the bar moves away from the operator during the cut, thus avoiding kickback while cutting. There is also minimal effort on the operator by using this system, and a small tab of pipe can be left at the Top securing the workpiece until final removal is required.
Removing gas powered in handheld devices from the trench has been the U.S.SAWS mission for many years. With the development of these two machines, operators have a clear advantage in safety and convenience while making underground repairs.


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