Handling a Walk Behind Saw

As the use of concrete rises to meet commercial, residential and municipal demand, the need for concrete cutting saws has expanded. Concrete has gained popularity due to its durability and erosion resistance, as well as the ease of sourcing materials to create concrete and its fireproof nature. Beyond that, the ability of the material to transform from a basic sidewalk into being used as luxuriously polished, high-end flooring at economical rates has gained acclaim from utility workers to interior designers.  In order to ensure the concrete is meeting the needs of its intended use, workers must ensure they are using the right tools to handle the job.  Concrete cutting is back-breaking work, and concrete workers around the world applauded the advent of the walk-behind saw.  These power saws offered an option beyond the general handheld saw for larger concrete cutting jobs.

What is a Walk Behind Saw Used For?

A walk-behind saw is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a large saw that has a frame, handle and wheels, allowing operators to use it from a standing position and walk forward or backward as necessary while sawing.  Many are even self-propelled.  Walk-behind saws are the perfect saws for cutting sidewalks or asphalt or even concrete flooring in warehouses or basements.  Many times these saws are used for repairs or modifications like additions are being done to commercial or residential buildings.  Walk-behind saws are also great for road workers who need to repair parking lots or patch up roadways.  Many of these power saws come with diamond blades for precision cutting.  Cutting a large and thick slab of concrete is made much easier through the use of a walk-behind saw with a diamond blade.  These concrete and asphalt cutting saws allow for larger engines with more torque, allowing operators to complete projects at a faster rate.

Safety Measures to Take While Operating a Walk Behind Saw

As with any saw, it is imperative for the operator to understand how each particular saw they intend to use works and take any precautions necessary in the operation of the saw to prevent injury.  Concrete cutting saws like walk behind saws come with a multitude of potential hazards and their instructions for use should be followed to the letter.  Serious or even fatal injuries can occur if these power saws are not handled appropriately.

Eye protection, or even a face shield, should be worn to ensure no dust or debris gets in the eyes.  A mask to cover your mouth and nose or even a respirator is necessary.  Concrete cutting is well known for creating fine dust and particles in the air.  You definitely want to avoid getting that dust in your lungs.  Gloves will protect your hands from any cuts or heat that may be generated from using the saw.  Ensure you are not wearing loose-fitting clothing during the operation of the walk-behind saw.  Loose-fitting clothing increases the risk of entanglement in the blade.  Steel-toed boots offer a protective covering for your feet in case there are any issues with the blade.

Inspecting your saw prior to use is also helpful in preventing injury during use.  Ensure that the blade is properly fastened and check for cracks or warping prior to use.  Make sure there are no worn or missing parts to your saw.  During use, do not force the saw.  Forcing the saw may cause the blade to jam or break or even overheat.  It is also important to make sure there are no bystanders to avoid injuring them as well.

Understanding the material you will be cutting ensures you are using the proper tools for the job.  Having the proper tools helps protect you from injury.  Make sure you are using specialized wet blades for any wet cuts you plan to make.  Dry blades, obviously, should be used for dry cuts.

The FSB-150 Heavy Duty Walk Behind Air Saw

For utility and transportation workers needing to make street repairs or cut sidewalks, U.S.SAWS has the perfect Walk Behind Saw for the job.  The FSB-150 Heavy Duty Walk Behind Saw is a game-changer.  The FSB 150’s weight is perfectly balanced, removing any potential rocking motion from the saw.  Weighing in at 110 pounds, this walk-behind saw is compact for easy transportation, with a heavy-duty frame to reduce vibration.  This package through U.S.SAWS comes with a gearbox, 20” blade capacity, water feed kit, whip hose, oiler, wrenches, and 1 quart of ice-free oil.  This power saw is fume-free for use in confined spaces, protecting you from carbon monoxide inhalation.  As an added bonus, it is operational in water as well!

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