Picking the right magnetic manhole lifter saves time & the risk of injury

Removing manholes can be harder than you think. Not only are these lids heavy, they often do not have adequate pick holes or lifting holes.
Manhole lids can weigh up to 200 lbs or more, add that to being wedged or frozen in place with sand, corrosion, and asphalt, removing them can be very challenging.

There are many use cases where workers need to create their creative methods for removing a lid, such as crowbars, shovels, screwdrivers, and even worse—fingers.

Using a dedicated manhole magnetic lifting tool not only saves the risk of injury, but it also saves time. Operators that need to open over 12 lids per day for grease trap or stormwater collection inspection know that ease in lifting and replacing lids is essential for efficiency and reducing the chance of injury.

U.S.SAWS manufactures two distinct types of lifting systems:

First, a fold-out dolly that uses a switchable magnet. This system offers a significant mechanical advantage to lift lids easily. This system is best if the operator needs to lift the lid free and clear of the opening. Some lids have flanges or casting lugs under the bottom edge that catch and prevent removal with drag out systems, like utility hole hooks. The additional benefit is that more than one magnet could be used at one time for lifting extremely heavy lids or unusually shaped objects. These have a range of average 100 lb lids to 500 lb lids.

The Second lifting system is designed to take up less room in a truck and is a “slide-out” style lifter. U.S.SAWS calls this the “Break and Take” line of magnetic manhole lifters. These lift the edge of the lid and unseats the lid. Then the operator slides the utility hole lid out of the opening. This method is beneficial for flat bottomed lids up to 300 lbs.

With a variety of magnetic tools to assist daily operations, U.S.SAWS leads the industry with tools and equipment for safer and easier manhole lifting needs.


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